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What is Gear Check?

Gear Check will be available to all 5K and 15K registrants at the race. All gear check bags should be 12″ by 18″ or smaller. Your race bib will have a tab at the top which corresponds with your race bib #. Tear this off and attach it to the bag you wish to gear check with the small zip tie that comes in your goodie bag. Once this is complete, hand your bag over to the gear check tent and the volunteers will place it securely in the box that corresponds with your bib number. This is how you will pick up your bag after the race as well. Show the volunteer your bib number and they will hand you the tag that matches! 

If you have gear to check, please leave your bag with us at Gear Check. Lonely bags will be immediately removed from the premises and discarded. RAM Racing is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

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